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HOPE programme for Long Covid

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This is a self management course, which is available to our patients who may require support through the recovery of Long Covid.

This is a programme delivered digitally over the course of 8 weeks. There is no inclusion/exclusion criteria, so open to all affected by Long Covid. Please also note that participants do not have to of been referred to participate.

There are multiple courses running from Jan to Aug, with plenty of capacity to accommodate all. The course content is delivered digitally and so is not reliant upon an attendance at a particular time or day, rather it can be completed at a time convenient to the participant. Each weeks course content is available for 4 weeks after it is published, so providing ample opportunity to complete.

Message for all patient’s


To all our Patients

Although we are pleased to see the restrictions relaxed, we are still mindful that rates of Covid in the community are very high. The demand on health care services remains significant as a result of staff sickness and patient need.  So, we must prioritise the patients who are most vulnerable.

It is important that you continue to put your health first and seek urgent medical help when you need it.

You may have to wait longer than usual for a routine appointment and there may be a delay in accessing some non-urgent reviews.  We are working very hard to get back to normal, so please be patient with our staff.  We are very grateful for your understanding.


Please continue to wear a face mask if you enter the practice if you have any Covid symptoms or if your preference is to wear a mask.

Before contacting the practice, please do consider self-help and pharmacy options:


Covid-19 Boosters
To book or get advice regarding your 1st, 2nd, or booster Covid-19 vaccine
Contact the National Booking Service via or ring 119
Please do not contact the surgery
We do not have access to the Covid-19 booster booking system


Help us to keep you all safe and well by keeping our phone lines free for those who need urgent medical help.

Thank you

West View Surgery