Healthcare Team

Community Midwives

The Community Midwives are responsible for antenatal and early post natal care. They also run parentcraft classes at Keynsham Health Centre. The midwives work in close co-operation with other members of the Primary Care Team.

The midwives can be contacted at Keynsham Health Centre on 01179 461000.

Community Nurses

The Community District Nursing team are able to offer care to those patients with serious illness or disability, in addition to on-going support to patients and their carers. They also provide health education and counselling when needed, visit and assess patients for care following hospital treatment and during acute illness.

A message can be left at West View surgery with a receptionist for a District Nurse during normal working hours.

Community Nurse for Older People

The Community Nurse for Older People provides information on available care and services, enabling older people to remain independent within their own homes, enabling older people to make informed choices. She provides advice on lifestyle choices, eg, nutrition, exercise and home safety, and assessment of health and well being. You can contact the nurse yourself or on behalf of a relative to request an assessment. Older people can be referred by their GP or by other health care professionals.

The Community Nurse for Older People is based at the Keynsham Health Centre and can be contacted on 01179 461000.

Health Visitors

The Health Visiting Service is an integral part of the NHS’ community health service available to all families with children 0-5 years old. They are qualified nurses with special training and experience in child health, health promotion and education.

They are based at Keynsham Children’s Centre, 65 West View Road, Keynsham Bristol BS31 2UE. The opening hours are 09:00 to 17:00, and the telephone number is 01225 395400.
The health visitors are best known for the health and developmental screening offered to families with young children. They also specialise in health promotion work across the age range.