Practice Ethos

At a time when the NHS and general practice in particular is undergoing great changes, the partners and staff wish to retain the traditional values of a family doctor based health service.

We want to continue providing a personal family doctor service. We will continue to do home visits where appropriate and are happy to discuss any aspect of your condition and treatment by appointment.

We intend to keep abreast of developments in treatment and management of health problems and will refer you for consultant opinion and treatment whenever it is appropriate.

We will provide you with advice on promoting better health in the future by advising on life style and by targeting those of our patients with special needs.

We will ensure a continuing high standard of medical care with education and training for all staff. This will include continued medical and nursing education for medical and nursing staff, management training for the doctors and managerial staff, and training for all other staff who are involved in providing this service.

Although there are at present a rapid series of changes in general practice which are increasing the pressures on us, we all remain committed to the pursuit of excellence. To this end we are always pleased to receive suggestions for improving the service.